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Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs I've ever had. The sneaky thing about it is that teaching happens all the time outside of academic settings. Because I've had the great luck of having some excellent teachers, I found I liked the process of translation of knowledge: analogy, relationship, and difference. Here are some of my formal interactions with pedagogy:

Workshops and classes

From 2012-2017 I designed and taught workshops and classes on hardware and software skills for undergrads, grad students, staff, faculty, and alumni at UW Seattle. Some of these skills included:

Adobe PhotoShop

Adobe Illustrator I + Design Elements
Adobe Illustrator II + Design Principles

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Premiere I

Adobe Premiere II

Adobe After Effects

Adobe SoundBooth

Adobe Audition

Adobe Lightroom

Intro to VR and GoPro Omni

Intro to Website Building (Portfolios)

NodeXL + Tableau


Audio Hardware for Podcasting and Radio

Video Hardware for Journalists

I also taught a class for credit in Spring 2017, COM 294: Video Production And Editing. Students spent time in class learning about collecting high-quality video and audio assets, then had to produce a 3-5 minute video that tells a story about someone's life.

Also at my time at UW I taught 2-5 undergrad interns a week in our equipment checkout system. Time in the internship was split between hands-on training in equipment and producing a tutorial video on a digital media skill of their choice. From 2013-2017, I managed over 50 interns and produced valuable assets for the department's YouTube channel. A couple of my favorites are featured on the "Video, Photo, & Audio" page of my portfolio.

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